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Is God Preparing You For Something Great?

Is God Preparing you for Something Great?

So over the past months, I have been going through the preparation process.


I have this strong feeling that I am about to step into a new season. However, before that happens I need to be ready.

Ready for what?

I don’t know exactly but, I think that’s what makes the journey exciting.

Have you ever been in a place where you feel something is about to happen in your life and you are in a season of preparation?

Are you currently going through this?

At each stage in life, we are going to be ushered into different seasons. We never really have a constant life.

I would be worried if my life was always in a constant state.

However, preparation varies. Sometimes it’s so swift and enjoyable and at times it’s extremely hard and confusing.

Yet, as children of God we need to be alert, still and obedient during this season in life.

In the book of Esther, Vashti disrespects the King and a new queen is sought for, Esther and the other girls are taken to the palace into the care of Hegai, they go through a 12months preparation period.

See, these girls had to meet some standards according to the regulations that had been set in place.

Meaning, when God puts us through certain seasons of preparation He actually wants us to meet a certain standard He has set for us. He wants us to act like Queens/Kings and handle whatever He is about to place in our hands like the queens/kings that we are.

Sometimes, the process isn’t easy. Like Esther, we will have to spend some time separated from our comfort people/zones i.e. our Mordecai(s).

At times we will have to be separated and the only person we need to listen to is The Holy Spirit just like Esther and the other girls had to listen to Hegai.

And, if we are patient and obedient we end up in great positions. Positions we never thought about because our Father loves to exceed our expectations.

Remember, obedience is better than sacrifice.

Whatever God is preparing you for, rest in Him and trust Him every step of the way. Again, am not saying it is easy, but it is worth it.

Never know how many lives you are going to save after this. Or who you’ll be brushing shoulders with in your new venture.

Keep going and keep trusting God.

Do you feel like you are being prepared for something? Please share in the comments below.



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