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Is God Preparing you for Something Great?

So over the past months, I have been going through the preparation process.   I have this strong feeling that I am about to step into a new season. However, before that happens I need to be ready. Ready for what? I don't know exactly but, I think that's what makes the journey exciting. Have you ever been in a place…

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What to do When Someone Refuses to Forgive you

Forgive, Woman,man

Okay, so when the word 'forgive' or 'forgiveness' comes up it's mostly about us forgiving those that have wronged us. Right? But, don't we wrong others? Yes, we do. Today lets look at forgiveness from a different angle. An angle most of us would rather not talk about. Confession- I recently pissed off someone. Okay, you're probably thinking it's not…

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