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3 Ways Self-Love will Change You

Girl, Self-love

A second is equally important: Love your neighbor as yourself. Matthew 22:39(NLT)   To some people, self-love means pride or something along those lines. But I love the fact that the word of God says that you ought to love your neighbor as yourself. This verse got me thinking a lot one day when a friend brought it to my…

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Is God Preparing you for Something Great?

So over the past months, I have been going through the preparation process.   I have this strong feeling that I am about to step into a new season. However, before that happens I need to be ready. Ready for what? I don't know exactly but, I think that's what makes the journey exciting. Have you ever been in a place…

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How Prayer makes a Difference in Our Lives

Folded Hands, Bible

Am in a season where God is teaching me a lot about prayer through His word, Preachers, family, friends, and blogs. It's the first thing He taught me when I got saved but, I must admit along the way I gave up and let other things take center stage. The good news is I made a decision to go back…

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